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It is not easy to leave the career path we are on, but if it is not fulfilling, make a change!

Our today’s world offers an overwhelming number of job opportunities. How do we choose our individual path? And, once chosen, are we happy with it or do we still believe there is more out there for us? Are we eventually afraid to have taken the wrong decision?

Usually we are asked to take career decisions at a very early age, a time when we are not fully aware about what job would best fit our interests and talents. We invest vast amounts of time and money in our education and once we move along our career path it is hard to leave it.

Growing older we constantly discover more about ourselves and suddenly we might find out we should rather persue something completely different.

So, do you, among many others, feel trapped in your current job? Are you dissatisfied with your career? Do you consider making a change?

Think of it as a decision between two types of regret:

  1. The regret that you stay stuck in an unfulfilling career

  2. The regret that you did not have the courage to quit your career towards a more fulfilling future

And....remember that the biggest regrets someone might experience are for the options he did not chase.

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