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3 mindsets that dictate how you approach work.

What kind of mindset do you have when it comes to work and generating income? Life begins with perceptions and they can greatly affect the quality and outcome of our lives.

Security and Benefits: employed manager

Many people learn a basic formula very early in their lives: Go to school, get good grades, and find a safe secure job. The underlying mindset of this formula is mainly security. You want to feel secure and see it in writing, “I’ll give you this… and you promise to give me that in return”

Freedom and expertise: self-employed expert

These are people, who want to: “Be their own boss, and do their own thing”. For this kind of freedom they are willing to work hard and they expect to be paid much. When it comes to money, they have fiercely independent souls. Their response to fear is not by seeking security, but by taking control of the situation and doing it on their own.

Dealing with the unknown: entrepreneur and business owner

The entrepreneurial personality turns the most trivial condition into an exceptional opportunity. She is a catalyst for change. As an entrepreneur you want to create something that has meaning, something that is significant and therefore also is scalable. The business owners like to surround themselves with smart people and they like to create smart systems.

As business owner you want to work on your business and not in your business!

Whether you are employed, self-employed or you own your own business: these are great journeys. But if you want to move from one sector to another you must learn the skills and mindset required by the sector in order to find true fulfillment and success there.

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