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Vocation Mentoring was founded to help people find their place in our global, complex, and dynamic business world of the 21st century.

Numerous value options as well as the technological crosslinking create a whole set of new opportunities for collaboration. Nevertheless, one can easily get lost in this variety of choices.


The primary aim of our mentoring approach is not to teach you tools, that would help you get faster and stronger (even though this is a positive side effect). Instead, we want you to take the first step towards knowing yourself.


Vocation Mentoring will guide you in preparing your individual journey from your inner self and in getting ready for the necessary steps to take in the outside world.


You will experience an unexpectedly clear picture about who you are, what you can do well, what your life’s purpose looks like. Along this route you will encounter happiness and fulfillment. In the end, isn’t this what we all long for?


The process could show you how to view your day to day activities from a different point of view or it may provoke you to consider taking an entirely new approach such as a career change or even starting your own business.



The cornerstones of our work. What we want to encourage and support:


Know thyself.


In order to create a fulfilling job you should work on a deep understanding of yourself on various levels.


These levels refer to:


  • Your environment and all the people you would like to work with
  • A clear understanding of your own behavior and capabilities
  • A clear understanding of your prejudices, attitudes and values - your own identity


Which needs do I want to have fulfilled?


  • How to live (how much money do I need to meet my material needs)
  • How to love (who do I want to be in a relationship with)
  • What to learn (what do I want to know)
  • How to leave a legacy (which contribution do I want to make)


Take responsibility.


What do I want to take responsibility for?

This is all about leadership.


What is it that drives me to take the first step towards getting people enthusiastic about what I am doing?


How can I make a valuable contribution towards myself, employees, colleagues, clients, family or friends?


These are goals that usually exceed one’s own prosperity and career.


Bring in all the aspects of your personality.


In the professional world of the industrial age it sufficed to be on time, diligent, and competent in one’s field or work. On a global scale, this has become a matter of fact. In a fast growing and changing business world, you have to bring in proactivity, innovation power, creativity, and your entire personality to the table.


Think in systems.


The current business world requires greater flexibility. The systemic borders have opened up. Relationships between employers and employees are shifting from the classic employment model to more time constrained projects.


Therefore, both parties are required to bring a higher level of understanding to create these connections.



Why is Vocation Mentoring particularily important today?


More and more often people find themselves in situatons which demand some kind of change.


Professional requirements are newly defined, jobs get lost or are outsourced to different countries. A high level of flexibility and agility is asked for. Often, a move towards self-employment is a recommendable, yet very challenging option. Know-how, networking, and understanding one’s other strengths is not always a practiced skill.


Young people face the challenge of selecting the right education in a complex set of offerings, and making that first step into their understanding how to develop their careers.


More mature workers are confronted with the opening gap between the demands in the labor market and when to retire.

The growing integration of humans and machines requires the development of new skill sets.


The transfer of jobs to intelligent systems and machines (Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, etc.) will deplete around 30% of daily tasks in the next 10 years.


The above mentioned situation has already led to an increased competition in the labor market. Employees more and more often are afraid of losing their jobs  making anxiety and burn-out ever more present in the workplace.


To keep up with the fast paced and ever changing business world, we each require a strong basis of truly understanding our strengths to understand who we are.



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