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Crossing the threshold – living your breakthrough question.

Findings show a major difference between change driven by aspiration versus change driven by crisis.

In system dynamics language an aspiration generates a purposive drive for generative emergence -something new emerges - while a performance-driven crisis sparks only reactive change and transformation.

What we need to know is that social systems are non linear, and so are we. What that means is that we all have a non linear dynamics of disequilibrium.

  • Below a certain threshold level, change is unlikely and fluctuations are dampened.

  • Above the threshold level, change is imminent and fluctuations are magnified.

So, how do we cross the threshold?

It all starts with an ambitious and inspiring question that is highly important to your personal development or your business.

Think in terms of: What is most important or what difference would make the greatest difference? And then formulate your question.

Hold and walk your question until insights start to emerge, hold it lightly, as it may need to transform into a new, more potent question.

After a while, driven by your passion and aspiration you will move into intense activity that pushes your system into a disequilibrium state.

At the peak of these dynamics most often a critical event emerges - a moment of decision.

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