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The entrepreneur within - discover your very own path

Let’s assume that your business or the business you want to grow isn’t an end in itself, but that it’s a means to the end of a good life. That your life isn’t a means of wealth, but that wealth is a means to the end of a good life.

Let us also assume that we are all happier and more nourished when we live life as a creative pursuit or adventure. That we are all motivated and energized when others inspire us or when they feel inspired by us. Let us also assume that we want to learn and grow.

We tend to feel miserable when we are disconnected from those aspects of ourselves that are inherently creative and purposeful. When life consumes us and when there is not enough time to do something different. Then we find ourselves trapped in the way things are.

One of the typical challenges that entrepreneurs have when they take on the journey to create their business is figuring out what they need to let go of and what they need to pick up in terms of where they spend their time and attention.

There’s a simple question I like to ask new business owners to consider as they sort this out – What is it that only I can be and do?

Or more precisely: What is it, given the new role that I’m in and all of the unique resources and opportunities that come with it, that only I can be and do?

First become introspective before you become ‘extro-spective’. First look inside before you looked outside. That’s where confidence is born and the will to aspire is generated.

That’s where the imagination is stimulated to churn its delightful engine toward the unknown that is actually right there inside of each and every one of us just waiting to be discovered.

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