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The purpose of presence.

When we think about purpose we often have a destination (destiny) in our mind. Something that we want to be or want to have or want to emerge in the future.

But that is only half of the equation: Heading to our destiny is the manifestation of our purpose on the outer level.

The inner purpose is to be present with what is, without interpreting or mental labelling, without adding thought to our perception.

To endow our lives with true meaning we must look on the inner and on the outer level, even so they are highly intertwined that it is almost impossible to speak of one without referring to the other:

The inner level concerns being while the outer level concerns doing. Finding and living in alignment with your inner purpose is the foundation for fulfilling your outer purpose.

To experience our inner purpose we have to shift our perspective from thinking to awareness. From the future to the presence.

Instead of being lost in our thinking we are aware of the present moment. We leave the realm of what, to enter the roam of the how. The present moment is where quality arises, where difference is made, where fulfillment is found in each and every moment of our work and life.

As long as we are caught in thoughts we are unaware of the present moment, we will seek meaning only within the dimension of doing and in the future.

Whenever we are aware of the present moment we are in the spirit of now. Most likely we playfully will find the inspiration and creative empowerment that will bring us to our (final) destiny.

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