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Finding fellows for your journey: a quick network check

As you travel along your journey big questions arise:

  • Who are the ones that are going to sing your song and remind you of who you are?

  • Who are the ones that have the knowledge or the tools that you need and know nothing about?

  • Who can remind you that your journey is possible, and offer support when you most need it?

Start off with your self-assessment. Find out what the challenge is in front of you right now and ask yourself, if you have the relational resources to handle those challenges?

And then think about the quality of your current relationships in two dimensions: relationship strength and network diversity.

How strong are your relationships?

Relationship strength refers to the level of emotional affect, reciprocity, and frequency of communication. Relationships with strong interpersonal bonds can be characterized as strong ties, and individuals in such relationships tend to be highly motivated to help and mentor each other.

How diverse is your network?

Basically there are two ways to measure your network diversity:

(1) the number of different social systems you stem from or are embedded in and,

(2) the density, the extend to which you are connected to one another.

So, in terms of network, are you ready for your journey? For even the very wise cannot see all ends.

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