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creating the work you love


You are in a major vocational transition phase and you are not sure how to move on?

  • You are promoted to a new leadership role within your organization?
  • You are in the midst of changing companies or planning your first hundred days with the new firm?
  • You are self-employed and want to leverage your effort?
  • You want to start your own business  from scratch?
  • You want to finance your lifestyle with the work you love?
  • You have a great career but desire more ways of creating wealth?

Sometimes major transitions will challenge us beyond the capabilities that we currently possess.

It's often a journey that we can not make alone. Finding guardians is essential. They can be friends, family or professional mentors or coaches.
VOCATION MENTORING can support your journey in various ways:
  • Allows you to reflect about your decisions, and about yourself.
  • Helps you face difficult truths: mentoring brings reality front and center.
  • Guides you to find replacements for behavior that's not working.
  • Supports you with business know-how and skills.
  • Mentoring program helps you build new networks.

Dr. Arnold Schmidt is a Vienna-based mentor and business advisor.

For the past three decades, Arnold has served as an advisor to leaders and managers of big organizations around the world to support their strategic, operational, cultural, and personal challenges.

Our approach is insight out and integral.

What you have to work on:
Know Thyself
Lead purpose
Strive wholeness
Think systems

Interested in learning more about Vocation Mentoring?

Please address Elisabeth, the first point of contact into your journey of Creating The Work You Love.
ELISABETH GONANO 664 883 883 84
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